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The myth

In ancient Greek times, the myth about the founding of the city of Athens tells the story of Athena, Goddess of wisdom,
competing for the name of the city with Poseidon, the mighty God of the seas.
Poseidon offered reign over the seas and water sprung from a rock striking it with his trident.
Athena offered the flourishing of arts, sciences, a city of beauty and knowledge,
then by striking a rock with her spear an olive tree sprung full of olives.

The myth come to life

From this sacred tree, abundant in Athens, I collect old wood and choose carefully parts of exquisite color,
substance and veins/grain, so to introduce artifacts of fountain pens and rollerball pens unparalleled in beauty and feel.

Either in solid olive wood or mixed with beautiful colored resin, handcrafted to perfection and detail,the result is unique for every item produced, expressing art forms of sophisticated character,
unique in style and quality.

A true writing experience, Athenian old olive wood.
An owner’s & a collector’s pride